Reinfeldt Stresses Economic Growth And The Fight Against Climate Change At LSE

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt held a speech for students of the London School of Economics yesterday, following talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leader, the Conservatives’ David Cameron.

During the speech Reinfeldt spoke of what he called ”The New Swedish Model” and of the centre-right coalition government’s policies for getting people off of benefits and back into work.

He also talked at some length about the threat of climate change, saying that Sweden has proved that environmentally friendly polices don’t mean that business has to suffer, with Sweden enjoying economic growth of 44% since 1990, while greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 9%. He also stated the importance of international agreements on the issue, saying that the 0.2% of world emissions of greenhouse gases for which Sweden is responsible does not in itself constitute a global problem.

He said that Sweden’s national actions will have no global impact unless they are also accompanied by efforts to unite the world around joint action.