More Effort Needed In Preventing Heart Attacks

More than half of all heart problems in Sweden could be avoided if Swedes lived more healthily.

Not too surprising perhaps, but the National Board of Health and Welfare, in its report providing national guidelines for heart healthcare , makes it clear that those working in heart healthcare in Sweden should put more effort into making people stop smoking, eat more healthily and exercise more.

The board says that 6 out of 10 heart attacks could have been avoided , which has a knock on effect of lowering the cost to healthcare.

In a separate study, the risk of heart attack amongst middle aged men in Sweden has halved since the sixties. Research carried out in Gothenburg amongst fifty year old men showed that a reduction in numbers of those who smoked had a positive effect on reducing the number of heart attacks.

A Heart attack is still the most common form of death amongst men in Sweden, but the risk has gone down.