Sex education in the 70's

No to Swimming, Sex Education for Immigrant Girls

The Swedish center-right government coalition is split over a controversial school proposal from the Liberal Party - calling for obligatory attendance of immigrant girls in sports, swimming, sex education and school trips - even if the parents are opposed on religious or cultural grounds.

The Liberals argue that many teen-age girls from immigrant and refugee parents are being denied the right to attend these activities which are a standard part of the school program.

However, the other coalition partners, the Moderate conservatives, Center Party and the Christian Democrats insist that the proposal would create an severe conflict between the girls and their parents, that this is not a major problem and that the best solutions should be worked out without compulsory measures.

The opposition Social Democratic voices also criticized what they consider a too-tough policy, and some leaders in the immigrant communities say they are opposed to the Liberal Party suggestions as being in line with what is seen as the party’s earlier hard-line attitudes towards immigrants.

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