Swedish Prime Minister (left)

Swedish Prime Minister in Bejing

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt continues with his visit to Beijing and talks with Chinese leaders - winning approval here at home for both bringing up the question of human rights violations in China and the environment.

Speaking with Swedish Radio news in the Chinese capital, Reinfeldt confirms that he brought up human rights with Chinese President Hu Jintao and presented a list of 13 arrested dissidents provided by Amnesty International -

This went even further than demands made by the Swedish Social democratic opposition at home, which had earlier expressed fears that Reinfeldt would fail to mention individuals by name.

Reinfeldt also claims his talks with the Chinese president were unique - that they were open, straight to the point and indicating that there is a dialogue for change.

Reinfelt also promised to continued Swedish support for human rights education at Beijing university - and that more funds will be given to make the guest Swedish professorship there to permanent for the next 3 years.

The Swedish prime minister also maintains that he was forceful in discussions with the Chinse leaders concerning the environment - and that it is not possible to remain silent in a nation that has had the biggest increase in pollution since 1990, that over half of the air pollution is now coming from China, and that it has an energy production based on the burning of fossile fuels:

The leader of the Swedish center-right government is in Bejing along with a large Swedish business delegation - eager to sell more goods and services to China to help balance the surplus of Chinese exports to Sweden.

One of the succeesses: the clinching of a new, major Swedish telecommunications deal with the Chinese.

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