Swedish Radio and SR International

Swedish Radio is a non-commercial and politically independent public service broadcaster, charged with producing quality programs that appeal to all listeners, regardless of age, gender, or cultural or ethnic background. SR International is Swedish Radio’s international and multi-cultural channel, with the task of providing information about Sweden.

SR International broadcasts in 12 different languages.

The programs in Albanian, Arabic, Assyrian/Aramaic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English, Kurdish, Persian, and Somali are to contribute to increasing understanding between cultures and to support integration, especially for newly arrived immigrants. The broadcasts in the minority language Romany are to support the culture and language of the Roma in Sweden.

These programs are broadcast over the P2 network through-out Sweden as well as to the Stockholm region on 89.6 MHz FM. Arabic, Assyrian/Aramaic, Kurdish, Persian, and Romany are also broadcast on shortwave (Romany also via medium wave) to Europe and the Middle East.

SR International also broadcasts to an audience outside Sweden (Radio Sweden) for Swedes living abroad as well as to inform interested listeners in other countries about Sweden and Swedish society. These programs are in Swedish, English, German (web news and podcast only), and Russian. Radio Sweden broadcasts on short and medium wave, via satellite, on the Web, and through podcasts.

Our programs are half an hour in length, with the exception of the German podcast, which has a more flexible format. The broadcast times and frequencies can be found on the respective language’s homepages.