Sentences Reduced For Teens Following Appeal

3 teenage boys convicted of kicking a fellow teenager to death in a high profile case here in Sweden have had their sentences reduced by the Court of Appeal.

They had originally been sentenced to 3 years in a youth detention unit, but the appeals court cut the sentence to one year for GBH and manslaughter.

The court justified its decision by saying that it was simply following praxis when it comes to the under-18’s, that minors should get a sentence around the third of the length of what an adult would have got. An adult would have received 6 years in jail for the crime, and the court added that an adult would probably be eligible for parole after 4 years.

Public prosecutors had called for the boys to be convicted of murder, while the boys’ lawyers asked for a complete acquittal.

The teenagers attacked the boy after a tussle outside a party, leading to discussions and public demonstrations about the levels of street violence in Sweden.