Sweden Best Country to Be a Mother

According to the Save the Children organization, Sweden is the best country in the world for mothers.

In its 9th annual World Mothers Index Save the Children has compared living conditions for mothers and children in 146 countries. After Sweden comes Norway and Iceland, and according to the study, in all three countries women and their children enjoy generally good health, with corresponding high marks for mothers’ education and economy.

Britain is ranked 14th and the United States has dropped to 27th place. At the bottom of the list are Niger, Chad, and Yemen.

Save the Children write that while skilled health personnel are present at virtually every birth in Sweden, only 33 percent of births are attended in Niger. According to the report, a typical Swedish woman has almost 17 years of formal education and will live to be 83. Meanwhile, 72 percent of Swedish women use some modern method of contraception, and only 1 in 185 will lose a child before his or her fifth birthday.