Vin Och Sprit Selloff Delayed?

The sell-off of the state owned Vin och Sprit brewers and distilleries could be postponed because of a law suit filed by American rival Fortune Brands.

Vin och Sprit owns 10 percent of Beam Global Spirits and Wines, Fortune owns the rest, and according to the contract Fortune should have the first rights to buy the Swedish 10 percent.

But instead the Swedish State says it is planning to take over those shares from V and S, and then sell them off at a later date. Now Fortune Brands is now to go to court to stop the move. Industry minister Mats Odell says that the shares will be offered to Fortune first, and that it’s just a difference in business culture. This could delay the French takeover by Ricard Pernod of Vin och Sprit, which is due to go through at the end of July.