Infectious Diseases On The Up

More and more Swedes are being infected by diseases such as Chlamydia, HIV and Nephropathia epidemica. Cases reported to The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control were up 30 percent in 2007 compared to the year before.

The biggest culprit was Chlamydia, with over 47 thousand cases reported last year, making up 60 percent of the total number of cases of all diseases reported to the authority.

541 Swedes were infected by HIV last year, that’s up 70 percent compared to 2006 and the highest number since 1986. Experts say it is because the young have lost respect for the disease and are no longer having safe sex.

Meanwhile, record numbers of Swedes have been infected by Nephropathia epidemica, a disease spread by voles and which can cause fever, headache, backpain and even death. Over 2000 Swedes caught the bug last year, compared to just over 200 the year before. Experts put the rise down to global warming, saying milder winters mean that the vole population has exploded and they move into houses to hibernate, infecting the house owners with the disease.

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