Swedish language courses for foreign doctors

Swedish doctors are starting their own Swedish language courses for foreign medical staff from other countries.

According to Helena Schild Tossman of the general practitioners centre in Stockholm, too many doctors from EU countries get work in Sweden despite lacking solid Swedish skills. Speaking to Dagens Nyheter newspaper, she confirmed that the centre is working to help doctors with language tuition and address a widespread problem within Swedish healthcare today.

Stockholm’s shortage of doctors is so dire that the Stockholm country council is even travelling to Germany in order to recruit German doctors. At the same time, many experienced doctors remain unemployed in Sweden simply because they are from non-EU countries.

The National Board of Health and Welfare places far higher demands on doctors from non-EU countries. They need to pass Swedish language tests and take further academic exams before they may even apply for the right to practice in Sweden. This means that they are unable to join the workforce for a few years.