Social Democrats Plan to Trash Surveillance Law

The aftermath of the controversial vote on the surveillance bill is in full swing. Social Democrat Party leader Mona Sahlin says she is prepared to get rid of last week’s controversial FRA bugging bill if she wins the next elections in 2010.

This despite the original idea for the bill coming from the last Social Democratic government. Last week, the Swedish Parliament passed the controversial “FRA” bill to permit the National Defence Radio Establishment to monitor all SMS, e-mail, and other data traffic crossing Swedish borders.

Centre-right Coalition member Fredrick Federley, who has been an outspoken critic of the law, but voted in favour, is now having more second thoughts. He wants to set up more checks and balances on the surveillance system.

The additions to the new law will be presented to Parliament in the autumn. These would include creating a special authority to monitor all activities and tightened laws as to whom information may be passed on to.