Top Social Democrat accused of Double Standards over Tax Break

Former Cabinet Member and Social Democrat Ylva Johansson has applied for and received tax breaks for cleaning services even though she and her party would scrap them if the got into power.

So-called household services that qualify for tax breaks in a scheme introduced by the current government, include cleaning and childcare services.

However, opposition parties are against the system which many feel benefits the wealthy. Svenska Dagbladet newspaper investigated how many of the opposition politicians actually used the tax breaks even though it is against party policy.

One of those is the Social Democrat spokesperson on health issues, Ylva Johansson.  She says she has a large family, and needs the domestic help, but still feels it is unfair to give tax breaks to people like her.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt agrees that working families often need paid help in the home but told Svenska Dagbladet newspaper that Johansson’s double standards smacks of hypocrisy.