G is for Godis

G is for Godis, that’s Swedish for candy, and roughly means “goodies”.

The word has been in the Swedish dictionary since 1887, and you can find it in all sorts of combinations, like godisgris, which means Candy pig. you can probably guess what that’s all about.

There’s also a very special Swedish concept called “Lördags godis”, or Saturday candy. Kids get their week’s ration regularly every Saturday, part of their allowance, you might say, in an effort to keep them from indulging in the stuff the rest of the week.

Chocolate is a big favorite here, along with licorice. There’s something called “knäck”, which is an old traditional toffee, very hard, often prepared for Christmas.

A special Swedish treat is marzipan, which is mainly made out of sugar and ground almonds. Figures made of marzipan, are very common at Christmas, when pigs are the most popular, and Easter, when you tend to see a lot of marzipan ducks and chickens.

Swedes love their candy, which is why Aston Reimers Rivaler have a song called “Goodies are good”.