Stockholm Bus Strike Set for Tuesday

The Stockholm bus strike is just around the corner, threatening to paralyse Stockholmers on Tuesday.

The strike is due to start as of midnight on the night between Monday and Tuesday, and will affect  buses run by Busslink or Swebus.

On Sunday, both parties were still at a stand-off, not speaking with each other. On Monday, transport company Bussarbetsgivarna asked the bus workers’ trade union Kommunal to exempt some bus lines in the Nacka and Värmdö areas outside Stockholm, so as to minimise negative effects on those who rely on these bus lines.

The union’s demands are, amongst others, a pay rise of 268 dollars and at least 11 hours rest for every 24 hours of service.

Working hours should be no more than 13 hours per day, a reduction of half hour from the current maximum, and there should be an increase in permanent jobs.

Travellers are to be compensated if the strike becomes protracted. Those unable to make use of their travel card will be remunerated somehow.