Säpo Investigate FRA

The Swedish secret police Säpo are to investigate whether the National Defence Radio Establishment, the FRA, have broken the law by already tracking internet traffic to and from Sweden.

Säpo is also to look into whether it would be a criminal offence, if secret information was leaked by an FRA employee, say Swedish Television news.

A contraversial new law recently went through parliament giving the FRA the right to scan internet traffic across Swedish borders.

Several new bodies are to be commissioned in addition to those already employed to watch over the FRA to ensure that the new law is not abused.

But SVT revealed yesterday that the FRA had already been storing Swedish citizen’s data communications for the past ten years.

Yesterday, the European Court found Britain guilty of crimes against human rights after they were found to have intercepted Irish phone calls and emails for six years in the early ’90s.

Speculation here in Sweden asks whether this country would receive similar penalties if the Court were to investigate the new FRA laws.