Extradited Egyptian Receives Large Compensation

One of the two Egyptians suspected of terrorism and extradited from Sweden to Egypt in 2001 with the secret help of the CIA, has been awarded damages of half a million US dollars.

The two men were tortured when they got back to their home country, and the damages are compensation from Sweden for the treatment during the extradition and what happened in Egypt.

The man’s lawyer had asked for ten times the amount, but Sweden’s The Chancellor of Justice who decides on cases such as this, opted to stick to Swedish praxis and the lower sum. The man’s lawyer also wants his client to be given a residence permit here, and for Sweden’s Prime Minister to give a formal apology.

The damages claim for the other Egyptian in the case is still being discussed.

Their story dominated the headlines here a couple of years back when a tv documentary revealed the CIA’s involvement in the extradition, and the treatment the men later faced in Egyptian prison.