Court Send Afghani Back to Kabul

An Afghani man is being sent back to Kabul by the Swedish Migration court despite not having any family or connections in the city.

It is the first time the Migration Court have looked into sending people back to Afghanistan but not to their home town.

The decision goes against the UN High Commission’s guidelines and will affect many Afghani asylum seekers in Sweden.

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan are among the critics saying it goes against both foreign and development assistance policy.

In November last year, the Ghazni province from which the man comes from, was one of six areas in the south of the country deemed unsafe for people to return to due to armed conflict. Kabul, on the other hand, is regarded as a safe area and the 28-year-old is not the first to be sent back there.

It is a developing city, say the Court, where the man, with his good educational background, will be able to live and find a job.