Defence Minister Dismisses FRA Law Only Applying to Suspected Criminals

The Swedish Defence minister Sten Tolgfors has dismissed demands from Liberal parliamentarians that a person must be suspected of a crime before their communications are monitored by the new FRA law.

The Conservative Moderate minister argues that Sweden must protect itself from crimes committed by international terrorists and this is why the law must cover everyone, not just suspects.

Six Liberal parliamentarians told Swedish Television on Thursday that if this aspect is not reconsidered, they would vote ’no’ to the controversial law as it stands today on grounds of integrity.

On Friday afternoon the six held a telephone meeting to discuss the so-called ’crisis’ within their party.

One of the six, Birgitta Ohlsson, has said she will write an alternative proposal to the FRA law or support any proposition from the opposition calling for a repeal of this law.

This would mean that the opposition would gain enough support so that the government would lose and the law would be removed.

But other Liberals say it will not come to this as an earlier compromise will be reached improving this much-disputed aspect of the law.

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