Two Swedish Scientists Pioneer Heart Disease Diagnosis

Two Swedish scientists’ work to diagnose a propensity for heart disease has finally been given its dues.

After 20 years of research, professors Ingmar Ungner and Göran Walldius have proven that certain blood lipids called apolipoproteins are far more effective indicators of heart disease than simple cholesterol tests.

Walldius and Jungner researched 175000 Swedes blood fat values over a period of 20 years. The proteins are called apo B and apo A1, and apparently it is the median value between the two that indicates a tendency towards heart disease.

This week, the international medical journal The Lancet published a new article on the world’s largest ever heart disease study called Interheart, which looked at 27000 patients in 52 countries. The study confirmed the Swedish scientists’ research that apolipoproteins are a much more effective indicator of heart disease than cholesterol tests on their own.

Speaking to Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, Ingmar Ungner said that now all Swedish clinics must introduce the new tests.

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