Surveillance Prevented Russian Crises, Political Murders?

The Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment which is to monitor the increasing amount of incoming e-mail and telephone communication coming into Sweden has taken the unusual step of  publicly defending its surveillance of  earlier years – insisting this has resulted in major achievements.

The establishment claims it has helped avoid military crises between Sweden, the Soviet Union and later Russia in the 80’s and 90’s….has enabled migration officials to correctly evaluate claims for asylum from Chechnian refugees coming here, and prevented a politically-motivated murder a few years ago.

This is the first time that the establishment has presented such detailed information about its work.

It comes as the dispute continues here in Sweden over the center-right coalition government’s new law calling for increased surveillance of incoming communication to combat terrorism and crime.

The law is to go into effect this fall – and no longer demands that there must be a suspicion of any criminal intention.  This change in the law has been condemned by the opposition parties including the Social Democrats who once launched a similar surveillance bill but now have taken a stand against it.

The bill is also being attacked by parliamentary members of the center-right coalition – threatening to torpedo the measure become it goes into effect.

Many editorial writers and other opinion maker have also blasted the new law – arguing that it would violate personal integrity – and create an uncontrollable mountain of data.

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