Study Confirms Schizophrenia’s Heredity Factor

A new study confirms that patients diagnosed with schizophrenia appear to have an increased number of unusual chromosome aberrations that have the potential to change their genes’ function.

Over 1000 Swedes took part in a new European study that confirms schizophrenia may be hereditary. The study’s aim is to help define risk factors and thus discover the illness in time or even prevent it altogether.

Christina Hultman at Karolinska Institute was in charge of the Swedish part of the study and told newspaper Dagens Nyheter that schizophrenic persons’ genetic material appears to undergo significant changes, with whole chunks of DNA material missing, clearly pointing to chromosome abnormalities.

The study was carried out in seven European Countries, including Sweden, and comprised 6600 people. Of these, around half have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and the other half were healthy. The study is presented in the upcoming issue of Nature magazine.

35 000 people in Sweden are currently diagnosed as schizophrenic.

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