Partial Solar Eclipse Over Sweden

As soon as summer arrives, Swedes are outside with their faces turned to the sun. But at 10:40 AM on Friday the skies darkened as the sun was obscured by the moon in a partial solar eclipse.

The best view in the country was seen in Treriksröset in northern Sweden where 75 percent of the sun was covered. Stockholmers saw only half while down in the south of Sweden there was around 40 percent coverage.

Astronomers encouraged people to watch the eclipse but stressed that the right protection should be used so that people do not damage their eyes and risk blindness.

Sweden’s last total eclipse was in 1954 and there is a long wait before the next in 2026.

However, in only a couple of weeks our night skies will be brightened by the Perseid meteor shower. The falling stars begin on 11th August and lasts 3 days.

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