Swedish Government fails Promise to Create full-time Jobs

The number of people excluded from regular working life has not decreased since the centre-left coalition government first came into power in 2006.

One of the government’s main goals was to minimise the number of people in so-called “exclusion”, meaning people without full-time work. When the centre-right coalition government came into power in October 2006, 1.6 million people were in this exclusion zone, according to the government statistics. But today, 9 out of 10 people are still in the exclusion zone.

Considering that the government’s promise to decrease the number of unemployed was a cornerstone of the last election, the question is whether the figures will look any better at the next elections in 2010.

The Swedish National Institute of Economic Research’s director Mats Dillen wasn’t too positive. Speaking to Swedish Radio, Dillen commented that although one cannot be completely sure, Sweden’s downward economy indicates that higher unemployment is on the way.

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