Chocolate and Blueberries Good for Diabetics

It may be common knowledge that dark cocoa and blueberries contain lots of antioxidants but according to a new study they also protect against diabetes.

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm studied the effects that white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with a 85% cocoa content had on blood sugar.

Whilst the white and milk chocolate raised insulin and blood sugar levels, the dark chocolate had hardly any effect.

Speaking to Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, professor and diabetes researcher Kerstin Bristmar suggested that dark chocolate could therefore be eaten by people suffering from diabetes or obesity.

A similar study was carried out with blueberries. 20 people including 10 healthy people and 10 diabetics drank a blueberry drink without any additives or sugar. The results were overwhelmingly positive regarding blood sugar levels.

Today over 370 000 Swedes are affected by diabetes.

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