Merkel and Reinfeldt

Swedish PM and German Chancellor Agree on Georgia Crisis

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Sweden on Monday for talks with Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in Rosenbad.

During a press conference on Monday Reinfeldt and Merkel demonstrated their consensus on the current Georgian crisis, with Reinfeldt demanding that Russia withdraw its troops from the region.

Both politicians were also disappointed in Russia’s decision to recognise the breakaway states of Abkhazia  and South Osettia as two independent states.

However, both Merkel and Reinfeldt were keen to stress that it was in Europe’s interest to upkeep good relations with Russia.

Sweden is to send military monitoring officers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) on a Georgia mission.  These officers are to be deployed asap.

Reinfeldt also found the time to invite Merkel for a traditional rowing boat expedition on the Harpusundsekans lake. This private boat tour is a Swedish tradition for prime ministers to take visiting foreign dignitaries on.

Many Swedes who were alive in the 1960s will remember when former PM Tage Erlander took the then Soviet leader Nikita Chrusjitov on the private boat tour in the 1960s.

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