Guilty Verdict in Arboga Murder Trial

The Arboga murder suspect accused of murdering two toddlers and attempting to kill their mother has been declared guilty.

Tuesday’s verdict comes after months of uncertainty and setbacks for the prosecution, when it emerged earlier in the trial that there was no DNA evidence to connect the female suspect to the crime scene.

The Swedish nation was shocked when two toddlers were found brutally murdered in their family home in Arboga back in March. Their 23-year-old mother was seriously injured and in a coma for several weeks.

The children’s father, who was separated from the mother, was arrested, suspected of murder. However, he was soon discharged and suspicions were soon directed towards a 32-year-old German woman who had had a relationship with the children’s mother’s new partner.

She handed herself into the police in Germany and was brought to Sweden in April. The trial started at the end of July and finished on Monday 25th August. Despite no murder weapon or forensic evidence, circumstantial evidence regarding the woman’s obsession with her former boyfriend’s new life and her visit to Arboga on the day of the murders was sufficiently strong for her to be found guilty.

The woman is now due to undergo extensive psychiatric tests after which a sentence will be decided upon. If she is declared seriously psychologically unfit then she will not go to prison but receive care instead.

She denied all charges throughout the trial.

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