2,000,000 Tons of Food Tossed Out Yearly

Each year, every Swede throws away up to 100 kilos of completely edible food.

That’s a 2.3 million ton mountain of wasted food, and according to a new report from the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, this means that huge amounts of greenhouse gases are generated in food production for no reason.

If Swedes stopped wasting so much food unnecessarily, the amount of greenhouse gases saved would be equivalent to every sixth car disappearing off Swedish roads which mounts up to 700000 cars.

According to Monika Pearson, a nutritionist at the National Food Administration, Swedes do not trust their taste buds enough and throw away food once it passes its sell-by date.

Speaking to Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, Pearson pointed out that sell-by dates are only a guideline regarding most foods, but that one should pay strict attention to them if the contents is vaccum packed meat or fresh mincemeat.

Wastefulness not only affects the environment, it also affects Swedes’ household budget. Last year, Skandiabanken estimated that an average Swedish family throwed away edible food worth 1245 dollars each year.

Swedes are not the only nation guilty of wastage: a recent study in the UK showed that Brits throw away edible food to the tune of 1.5 million dollars.

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