Sightings of Sweden’s Own Loch Ness Monster

Sweden may have its very own Loch Ness monster – a film team claim to have finally caught a mythical lake monster on camera.

A film team who positioned cameras underwater in northern Sweden’s Storsjön lake in Spring say they have seen clear indications of an underwater monster, according to Swedish Television’s local news. The film sequence clearly shows a blurry silhouette radiating body heat.  

This isn’t the first time Sweden has tried to outwit the lake’s most private inhabitant. Back in 1894 a company was created with one specific aim: to catch the underwater monster. 

Although that never became a reality, Jämtland’s county administration made a law in 1986 to forbid the “killing, injuring or capture of any living animal of that type”. The law was later repealed in 2005.

Today’s lake monster team are stepping up their chances: currently they have six cameras on site, next year they are set for 30 cameras 24/7.

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