‘World’s Yummiest’ Apple Pie Recipe Poisons Four

10000 copies of a popular Swedish food magazine have been withdrawn from outlets because it contains an apple pie recipe that has made those eating it rather ill.

A serious overdose from the recipe’s nutmeg spicing has given four people serious poisoning symptoms.

Described on page 8 of the magazine as ‘the world’s yummiest apple pie’, the recipe instructed readers to put 20 whole nutmegs in, whereas it should only have been two pinches of the spice. Following a recipe to the letter is not always advisable, especially as nutmeg in high doses can lead to poisoning.

The magazine editor told TT news services that such a high amount of nutmeg would have rendered the cake inedible, but it appears that the four affected people’s tastebuds were not of the same opinion.    

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