Stricter rules for Iraqi asylum seekers

It will now become more difficult for Iraqi refugees to get to stay in Sweden. Following a journey to Iraq in November, the Swedish Migration Board has judged several areas of the country stable.

Only five of the eighteen provinces are now seen as experiencing inner disturbances, reports Swedish Public Service news Ekot.  The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR has urged the west to wait in rejecting Iraqi asylum seekers as the humanitarian situation in the country is still severe.

The Swedish Migration Board maintains that all petitions will be tried individually but that the humanitarian situation is not enough reason on its own to be allowed asylum.

”Those in need of protection will be provided for in Sweden. However, there are very few possibilities to take into consideration economical or social destitution, or a widespread criminality, in Swedish immigration law,” said Mikael Ribbenvik, chief lawyer for the Swedish Migration Board to Ekot.

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