Israeli Fruit Displayed as Spanish

Supermarket chains Lidl and ICA have wrongly displayed fruit from Israel as Spanish or African. When Swedish Newspaper Metro did spot checks in shops they found discrepancies between displays and  labels.

In Lidl, Israeli Sharon fruits were displayed as originating from Spain and in ICA avocadoes displayed as Kenyan or Spanish had labels indicating that they were Israeli grown.

According to Lidl, they take the mark of origin very seriously and the mistake has occurred because of lacking internal procedures. ICA’s Quality Manager Mats Ovegård says that their stores receive deliveries from several different countries and that staff often forget to change the displays.  The fact that the wrongly displayed items came from Israel was a coincidence, Ovegård told newspaper Metro.

There have been calls for boycott of Israeli products in Swedish media since the beginning of the recent troubles in Gaza.

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