Nuclear Power

Christian Democrats "U Turn" over Nuclear Power

One of the parties in the centre-right Swedish Government, the Christian Democrats, has made a U turn in its policy on Nuclear Power.

Previosly the party has been opposed to building more Nuclear reactors on Swedish soil. Now leader Göran Hägglund says the party would allow more reactors to be built here but wants a ceiling on the number permitted at any one time.

During the 1980 Swedish referedum on the future use of nuclear power, the Christian Democrats sided with those opposed but nearly 30 years later, Göran Hägglund said that climate change had accelerated bringing a change in attitudes.

The Christian Democrats would also like to see windpower output doubled by 2020.

Sweden currently has ten operational nuclear reactors. As a result of the 1980 referendum, the Swedish parliament decided that no further nuclear power plants should be built, and that a nuclear power phase-out should be completed by 2010. The phase-out policy is currently on hold.

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