Free Dawit Isaak

Captive Journalist to Hospital

The Swedish-Eritrean Journalist Dawit Isaak, held in prison in Eritrea since 2001, has been taken to hospital. This information comes from the human rights movement Eritrea Watch for Human Rights and Democracy (EWHRD) and has been confirmed by sources in the area, according to Leif Öbrink, President for the Swedish support group Free Dawit Isaak

Öbrink told Swedish News Agency TT that Isaak was placed in a more secure prison outside of capital Asmara in December. Now the fear is that Isaak has been taken to hospital to be treated for injuries following torture. Öbrink says that the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs haven’t done all that they could for Isaak.

The press centre at the Ministry confirm they are aware that Isaak has been taken to hospital but said to TT that they know no further particulars regarding his health.