Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant
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Social Democrats Split Over Nuclear Power

Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin criticized the government’s decision to open the door for more nuclear power stations Thursday, but is now facing a backlash from her own pro-nuclear party members.

Those living close to the existing reactors are especially positive, with many saying that nuclear power is important for heavy industry here. Head of the local council in Norrköping, Mattias Ottosson, told Swedish Radio News that he would like Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin to make a deal with the governing centre-right coalition on the issue.

However others are following the official party line, Young Social Democrat leader Jytte Guteland says she will keep fighting for the closure of Sweden’s nuclear power plants.

In a referendum in the early 80’s Swedes voted to ban the construction of new nuclear plants, and to phase out existing power stations by 2010.

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