Party politics

Red-Green Discussions on How to Win Next Elections

The leaders of the three opposition parties Social Democrats, Environment Party and Left Party have met for further discussions about coordinating their efforts to win next year’s elections. One of the main topics is the issue of nuclear energy.

Last week the four parties of the center-right government agreed to abandon an earlier pledge to shut down the country’s nuclear reactors before the end of this decade. Instead, they are now sanctioning construction of new reactors, reasoning that the production of atomic energy is more environment friendly than other means of generating electric power.

The three opposition parties are against nuclear power plants. However, a group of Social Democrats argues that nuclear energy will still be needed in the future to secure the power supply for Sweden’s heavy industry.       

Peter Eriksson of the Environment Party told journalists that the opposition would enter the energy talks proposed by the coalition with a common strategy. He said that the three opposition parties unanimously want to shut down nuclear plants and invest in renewable energy sources. The all-party energy talks are scheduled for this Thursday.