Sweden Should Pay Toll on Weapons

Sweden and an additional five states have broken an EU treaty and should pay a toll on their weapon imports. This is the opinion of the EU Advocate General who is recommending the European Court to convict Sweden.

The argument between the commission and the six member states is an old one. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece and Italy have so far been exempt from the regulation, which means paying tariffs on weapon imports to Brussels. But the commission  want to force the countries to apply the same rules as the rest of the union.  So far, the countries have argued that they would then be forced to disclose a full report on which weapons they are importing, which would be against all their countries’national defence and security interests.

However, the Advocate general said in his decision on Tuesday that this was not a good enough excuse, as no deal could be so confidential that it would hinder a state from honouring their obligations to the EU toll regulations.

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