Dawit Isaak
Free Dawit Isaak

Sweden None the Wiser On Isaak’s Whereabouts

Sweden’s latest attempt to find out what is happening to Dawit Isaak has failed. Sweden’s ambassador to Eritrea, Fredrik Schiller, returned to Sweden without having seen Isaak nor confirmed his health status.

The Swedish-Eritrean journalist has been in an Eritrean prison since 2001, when he was arrested and imprisoned without trial. The arrest followed the publication of a letter on human rights in the country’s first independent newspaper, which Isaak had helped to start. The latest intelligence regarding Isaak came a few weeks ago when a human rights organisation reported that he had been moved to a military hospital, but this has not been confirmed to the Swedish authorities.

While in Eritrea, Schiller was not allowed to see Isaak. Upon his return he was still unable to confirm if Isaak was currently in hospital, nor if he had been hospitalised at all. The Swedish Foreign Office told News Agency TT that they will continue to work for Isaak’s release and return to Sweden.

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