Aurora Borealis

Unreliable Northern Lights Disappoint Enthusiasts

Low solar activity has made it impossible for the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko to live up to tourists’ expectations this season. The mountain station in the very far north of Sweden, markets itself on its website as “the best place in the world to see the Northern Lights”.  But recently this has not been so.

Putte Eby from the Aurora Sky Station, told Swedish Newspaper Norrländska Social Demokraten that  the though Aurora Borealis usually is visible more or less every day, viewing has been limited to about once a week this season.

However, Northern Lights fanciers may rest assured that this is only temporary. Ingrid Sandahl, of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics told News Agency TT that this is due to the lack of sunspots which indicates low solar activity. According to Sandahl, there are good chances coming up to see the northern lights as we move toward a new solar maximum.

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