Subway Graffiti

Stockholm Art University Blasted Again: Grafitti Attack

The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design here in Stockholm has again sparked a heated debate over the behaviour of students carry out their art projects in what some see as violent, provocative and destructive methods.

This time, a masked, male student sprayed the inside of a subway car with graffiti, frightening the other passengers before smashing a window and throwing himself out of the car unto the platform. A video of the action was then shown at an art fair.

The subway company is demanding 12,000 US dollars in damages- arguing that the school should have stopped such a project when first proposed.

An earlier case involved a female student pretending to be violently hysterical as she was brought by police to a mental hospital. She claimed she was testing her treatment.

Visiting the art fair and watching the subway video, a critical Swedish ministers of culture asked if the university students had other such projects in mind - such as setting fires to buildings to see how the fire brigade performs.

Some critics defend the actions in the name of art, while others insist that the students are wealthy, upper-class kids burning tax money and consuming badly-needed social resources for their ego tripping.

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