Tobias Billström
Immigration Policy

Tougher Immigration Policy needed

Sweden’s Immigration minister is looking at ways to tighten up Sweden’s immigration policy including more expulsions and taking away citizenship from those involved in certain crimes. The proposals are contained in a report on immigration commissioned by his party.

Writing in Tuesday’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper, Tobias Billström, along with two collegues from his conservative Moderate party, said that Sweden’s migration and integration policy had ”failed.”

”Many immigrants remain year after year completely dependant on benefits,” they wrote, adding that many refugees remain outside the job market.  

They also proposed that newly arrived immigrants in need of benefits, should sign a starter contract, agreeing to learn Swedish , amongst other things.

They also want to toughen policy where a crime has been permitted.

”We have seriously neglected the task of quickly, effectively and respectfully conveying basic Swedish rules to people who move here, ” and they called for immigrants found guilty nof serious crimes to be expelled and for people who obtain Swedish citizenship illegally, to have their passport taken away.

The proposals will now be discussed by the other three parties in the coalition government before a possible vote in parliament.

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