Solar cells near the Globe
Colors at Night

Stockholm’s "Globen" 20 Years Old

This is the 20th year anniversary of the inauguration of one of the jewels of the skyline of the Swedish capital – the white Stockholm Globe Arena – the biggest spherical building on the planet.

With it’s 110-meters in diameter and reaching 85 meters above the floor – the Globe has been the stage for sports events ranging from track and field to ice hockey, world championships, pop and rock concerts, musicals and opera, horse shows, parties and celebrations, visiting mega stars from worlds of  Swedish and international music, and such religious visitors as the pope and the Dali Lama.

The biggest audiences have neared 17,000 -– but some of the Swedish sports events have found other venues when they could only attract 5 or 6 thousand spectators – looking rather lonely under the enormous dome.

Delicate repairs and reconstruction at times in the pioneering building with its 48 curved pillars holding up the globe …. and unsold seats at times  – have cost the Stockholm  tax payers millions – but others argue that the Globe itself is worth much more as a city symbol.

Adding to its status, the final Swedish competition for that much loved or  hated annual Eurovision Song Festival ends up in the Globe – after runner-up stages take place in cities and towns all around the country week end after endless week end.

The white building has this month changed its name internationally to “Ericsson Globe” – with hopes that sponsorship from the Swedish telecommunications giant will help keep operations out of the red.

And speaking of colors, the snow-white Globe has pleased many city dwellers and foreign visitors in recent years by sometimes changing hues at night – no small performance in thse months of long witner darkness – as it becomes a huge ball of green or blue or violet or orange – illuminating the southern city skyline.

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