Jas Gripen
Jas Gripen

No Secret Orders for Sweden in War

Swedish Radio news reported on Friday that the latest version of Swedish fighter jet Gripen can’t receive encrypted messages. All communications must be therefore be in plain language. According to the report, this can’t be fixed until 2015 earliest.

The first Gripen planes were equipped with technology enabling them to receive encrypted messages from Swedish Air Command. But these planes will be taken out of service soon – only a few are to remain for flight training. The newer version of Gripen is equipped with technology to communicate with NATO planes.

According to Torgny Fälthammar, head of Air Component Command Requirements, a new Swedish encryption system can’t be in place until 2015, at the earliest. The reason for the problem is economising by the Swedish armed forces, Fälthammar told Swedish Radio news.

The Armed Forces have confirmed the information to Swedish Radio news. There is a problem with the encryption,  it won’t be solved until 2015 and it is partly due to reasons of an economical nature.

Representatives for both the government parties and those of the opposition told Swedish Radio News that they had not been informed of this prior to the parliament’s vote to solely use the new Gripen planes. 

Rolf Gunnarson, vice chairman of the Committee for Defence in parliament, said that he  they should have been informed by the military.

”I am surprised we haven’t been given this information. The ability to fight in battle must significantly deteriorate, if we know that the enemy may be able to understand all ourcommunication,” he said to Swedish Radio news.

On Friday afternoon the Swedish Government demanded a clarification from the military regarding the plans for Gripen’s crypto system. Sten Tolgfors, minister for Defence, told News Agency TT that the government previously had been informed that the system would be in place by 2010.

”Of course we will have this ability. What we are discussing now is when it will be in place,” Tolgforss told TT.

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