Mona Sahlin

Sahlin Needs to Win Swedes’ Confidence

As the latest confidence numbers are in - the leader of the Social Democrats as well as leader of the opposition Mona Sahlin’s figures are plummeting while current Prime Minister and Moderate party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt’s are soaring.

The poll, carried out by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter and market research company Synovate, shows that Swedes believe Fredrik Reinfeldt to be the most competent of the two. Six months ago they were neck and neck, according to Dagens Nyheter.

Since the last election Synovate has regularly measured Swedes’ faith in their leaders when it comes to governing, representing Sweden abroad, creating sufficient political support as well as inspiring the country of a brighter future. Although Sahlin is still preferred over Reinfeldt among her own voters, the confidence has fallen amongst the Social Democratic sympathisers as well.

Sahlin says that the task ahead is to instill confidence and assure Swedes that she is a leader capable of presenting an alternative.

She is hoping to regain the political power in the next election with the help of a new red-green coalition.

However, there may be help at hand. Thomas Gensemer, American  web guru and consultant on the Obama campaign, told Agenda that his company Blue State Digital had been in touch with the Swedish Social Democrats for some time and that they are “keenly interested” in working with Sahlin. Currently Gensemer is working with British PM Gordon Brown and his Labour Party.

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