Flu Virus Resistant to Medicine

Tamiflu, the most common medication against influenza, no longer offers protection against the disease in many parts of the world. 

Last year scientist warned that the common flu virus H1N1 had developed resistance against the medication in several countries. Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reports that after the most recent survey, experts are now talking about a shocking development and demand that something be done as soon as possible.

Annika Linde of the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control is not so worried by the recent findings. She says that the resistant flu virus has mostly been seen in the US this year and that Europe mainly has seen another strain– a strain which is not resistant to Tamiflu. However, Annika Linde agrees that this may prove to be a problem in the future, as most countries are relying on the effects of Tamiflu to prevent major outbreaks of influenza.  Sweden has recently bought a large supply of Tamiflu, in order to stop a potential outbreak of bird flu.

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