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Courts Split on Somali Asylum

Whether an asylum seeking Somali gets to stay in Sweden or not depends on which local court is handling the case. While the migration courts in Gothenburg let all applicants from Somalia’s capital Mogadishu stay the courts in Malmö and Stockholm send most of them back.

This shows a big divergence in practise between Sweden’s three biggest cities. Lawyer Ove Behrens, who represents several Somali applicants, says that this is a threat against the right to safety - and that for Somalis this is a question of life and death.

The position of Gothenburg’s court in the last three months is based on recent reports of unrest in Mogadishu, which caused the court to ignore the Migration Board’s decision to expel ten Somalis, but Stockholm court has sent back 50 asylum seekers from Somalia in the same period.

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