13 Days

Naw-Rúz New Years Celebration in Stockholm, Other Swedish Cities

Celebrations continue her in Sweden and around the world for the Naw-Rúz New Year – falling on the spring equinox and saluted from the Eastern European nations such as Albania and Macedonia throughout the Middle East to northwestern China and by Kurdish, Iranian and others immigrants and refugees all over the globe.

For the first time here, the travelling Swedish national theater is marking the day with performances in Kurdish, Iranian Farsi, the Pashut of Afghanistan, and Tadzjikisk.

After performances here in Stockholm, the multi-lingual production moves to Uppsla to the north of Stockholm, the west coast port of Gothenburg and the southern city of Malmö. 

One of the main events planned here in the Swedish capital always prior to this “new life of spring event” – the festival of fire – had to be cancelled after arsonist burned down the open-air stage in a downtown city park the night before.

But other fire celebrations were held elsewhere in Stockholm – with both daring young men and women leaping through the burning flames in the traditional cleansing ceremony to ensure good health for the coming year.

Half way through this year’s event This new year’s festival stretches over 13 days – customarily ending with family pic nics in the out-of-doors to enjoy the new green of spring.

Next Thursday, half way through this year’s event, the Persian section of Radio Sweden celebrates with a party of  fruit and honey-drenched cakes and sweats for the whole broadcasting house – but unless the weather gods change their minds, there won’t be much warm weather or spring flowers for  Naw-Rúz celebrators in the Stockholm region.

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