Under fire
pension controversy

Support for Union Leader’s Version

As some editorial writers call for the resignation of Wanja Lundy-Wedin as president of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, a new poll shows Swedes don’t accept her explanation for an unpopular pension decision.

But new voices support Lundby-Wedin’s version of events.

The controversy is over the granting of 8 million dollars in pension benefits to the retiring head of the giant AMF pension company. Lundby-Wedin is on the board that should have approved the pension, but she says they were kept in the dark.

A poll commissioned by the commercial television station TV4 indicates that 74 percent of those surveyed don’t trust her explanation.

However, the chairman of the pension fund board confirms for Swedish Radio News that Lundby-Wedin didn’t see two crucial documents. And another member of the board tells the newspaper “Göteborgs-Posten” that the chairman withheld information from the board about the size of the controversial pension.

On Wednesday Lundby-Wedin issued a press release expressing anger and disappointment that secret papers were withheld, as well as regret that she didn’t try to see the pension agreement.

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