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Reinfeldt Welcomes Rasmussen Nato Appointment

Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has congratulated his Danish Counterpart Anders Fogh Rasmussen following his appointement as the new general secretary of Nato.

Rasmussen, who resigned his position as Prime Minister of Denmark on Sunday, was appointed during a Nato summit meeting on Saturday. Turkey had objected to the Danish Prime Minister’s appointment because of his stance over the row over the controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoons which were published in a Danish newspaper in 2005 and were seen as offensive by muslims.

Sweden’s Prime Minister said that it was good news that Anders Fogh Rasmussen had been appointed as the new secretary general of Nato and that Sweden welcomed the fact that a Nordic Prime Minister got the job. Reinfeldt said that it will mean a lot for Sweden’s co-operation with Nato.

On Saturday a published in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper suggested that more people in Sweden now supported membership of Nato.

Those in favour of joining increased in 2008 to 24 percent compared to 19 percent the year before.

Amongst the political parties themselves, DN writes that two of the four governing coalition parties, the Moderate party and the Liberal party actively seek membership of NATO while the Christian Democrats are doubtful and the Centre Party opposed.

Non- aligned Sweden actively cooperates with NATO in peace and security operations through the partnership for peace framework which Sweden joined in 1994. The co-operation is based on Sweden’s long standing policy of non-alignment.

Sweden currently contributes to UN peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan and other global hotspots.


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