Child Pornography Found in Swedish National Library

Sweden’s National Library is facing a potential scandal as a collection of pornographic photographs of children was found in their archives.

A local writer and filmmaker discovered the photographs while doing research for a book on Swedish pornography of the 1970’s.

He was shocked at how easy it was to gain access to the materials, considering that today anyone who produces purchases or is in possession of child porn in Sweden risk up to six years in jail. During the 1970’s, when the photographs were printed, there were no laws against child pornography in Sweden.

Sara Bengtzon, head of  communications at the Swedish National Library said to news agency AFP that the library is required by Swedish law to collect all printed materials regardless of what they contain or depict. However, she also said the law was unclear on who should have access to these and that the library has issued a clampdown on the collection after the allegations.

“We have a lawyer looking into this right now and he is making a report. It will be ready by June 8,” she said to news agency AFP. (rm)