Glass Found in Swedish Beer

In recent weeks Sweden has been shocked by the discovery of glass in frozen chicken, in other meat products and in fruit. Now, it seems the turn has come to beer.  

A piece of glass was found inside a can of beer on Tuesday by a customer at Systembolaget, Sweden’s state owned alcohol retailer, in Mariestad, to the west of Stockholm.

According to a spokesperson for Carlsberg Sweden, the manufacturer of the beer, the company takes the discovery very seriously. They say that it is very rare that foreign objects end up in aluminium cans. Considering recent events, they have chosen to take the matter to the police.

Swedish News Agency TT reports that the glass previously found in frozen chicken now has been sent to the National Laboratory of Forensic Science. There, the properties of the glass, such as the thickness and colour, will be examined, in order to be compared to a database of about 2000 registered types of glass.

However, according to Anna Nilsson of the forensic laboratory, it is still very uncertain whether it will be possible to track the origin of the glass. (RM)